Bergamo on Pipes

  • BERGAMO ON PIPES (ITALY)The British Colchester Pipe Band, with the rider scannese Christopher Tarullo, coupled with the district of Porta Bonomini, won the competition of the XIII Tournament chivalry of Europe, defeating (3 barrel, 8 points, time 29.93) of the Belgians Brussels, represented by the rider Enrico Giusti, hosted by the district of Port Filiamabili (3 barrel, 8 points, time 30,07). A thrilling final with victory at the "photo finish" that wowed the large crowd in Piazza Maggiore. "I am delighted, it is the second time that I win in the European tournament." Two years ago, in fact, Tarullo won the tournament defending the colors of the Romanian Orastie. "I dedicate this victory to all those who were near me and they love me." He concluded between the rider hugs the English supporters and Porta Bonomini, after the official handover of the Palio, produced by the "Company of Death" in Milan, winner of the 2012 edition. Before the end of the event the president of the cultural association Carousel chivalry, Dominic Chopping, reiterated that will ride the carousel until it is achieved the goal of body transformation. Announced, then, the intention to visit all the eight cities that hosted Sulmona these days, to strengthen the bonds of friendship and expand cultural relations in economic and trade relations that will be of benefit to the local economy and to the same foreign countries. CSR was also the mayor of Sulmona Giuseppe Ranalli in his closing speech. The parade, consisting of 700 participants, in a mixture of sounds, colors and customs of their own tradition of each delegation in Europe, has animated the early hours of hot afternoon along Corso Ovidio, until you arrive in Piazza Maggiore, hailed by ' Prolonged applause of the audience. The evening dedicated to the European Carousel will continue until late at night with fireworks expected at 23.30 in Piazza Maggiore followed by concerts of groups Rota Temporis Nova Era and the bagpipes in the British folklore of Colchester Pipe Band . A night celebrating the friendship between the peoples of Europe.